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We live in the 21st century. In a world full of ready-to-use goods and services. People don’t need to cook, hunt or fish anymore – all you have to do is order and wait for the delivery. You don’t need to take care of yourself, hospitals and innovative medicines can treat millions of diseases. You don’t need to know how to make fire, harvest food or find clean water. But if you had to, would you know what to do?

We are all aware of the total dependency on electricity and internet, but due to our nature, we can think only about things that concern us directly. That’s why most people don’t take into account, that the worst possible case can hit us – anytime – anywhere – anyhow: a wildfire, blackout, nuclear explosion, terrorist attack or even a pandemic. Right now! What would you do? PANIC is the first reaction, as you simply never learned what to do and you are not PREPARED. All these factors increase your chances to ….DIE! Worst-case scenarios take place more frequently every year.

What do people really need to survive? People need to have AT LEAST an idea, how they would behave in each worst-case scenario, in order to increase their chances to survive. They need to train basic skills and gain knowledge on how to make nature, physics, and chemistry their friend. How to build without proper tools, how to gain water and food, how to hide with the simplest materials, how to stay clean and resist against diseases. They need to be able to survive AT LEAST 72 HOURS as the government usually takes around three days to provide help for the population.

Thereby we introduce The PreppApp. This unique app will train you to survive in the most comfortable and clearest way via evolved, interactive e-learning. All you need to know about worst-case scenarios, how to prepare for them and how to survive them when they happen.

In simple words: we have selected best practices, consulted specialists on each topic, tested it on our own, added personal life hacks and created the PreppApp.


How does it work?

It’s a mobile application, with plenty of filmed interactive e-learning lessons in several categories, subcategories and sets with follow up exams. Why exams? We are not interested in you just watching it. We want to TEACH you how to survive! You will be able to take care of yourself and other people in need. So, after studying each subject you can gain a badge in our unique reward system: you have to prove that you did it well. Depending on the task you will send a photo or a video-proof.

The most complete source of survival lessons

The PreppApp is not a simple application. It’s your way to save your life, to find likeminded fellows in a big community and to become a fully skilled prepper!
Here is an example of lessons about fire-making.
This variety we have in all lessons in each category.


Besides tons of video lessons, also a lot of useful functions!


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Get ready to be fully prepared with The PreppApp!

Why Prepare?


Video Lessons

With follow up exams

Offline Navigation

Last checkpoints and bootprint functions

Due Date Reminder

For your food, beverage and medication supplies.

Offline Communication Tools

P2P-function to stay in touch

Offline Data

Complete transcript, illustrations and knowledge databases

Preper Community Forum

Exams, badges and networking in general

Be one with nature

The PreppApp teaches you to use all it’s hidden power!

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